HAPPINESS I will tell you where to find it

How many times have you asked yourself, Am I happy?.
Happiness is what we all want, it is what males us feel alive, complete and successful, that’s right, only being truly happy can work your way to success.

The question is where happiness is found. This is my premise: Happiness are those little moments that in moments make us great. The problem is that we roam the world living to the limit, with the excuse of being more productive we stop enjoying our own life, we want to do a thousand things and we do not even finish one.

Let me tell you something: Life is as short as you perceive it or as long as you decide to enjoy it, Abraham Lincoln pointed out “almost all people are as happy as they decide to be”
Happiness is found in your vision of life, we want to do so many different things and in an accelerated way with the pretext of every minute counts, but we stop being happy every second.

Do you want to know where happiness is? Just look around you, life is not a bicycle because it never stops, but because it gives you the opportunity to contemplate what surrounds you. Those who do not know how to see the precious things in life will never be happy. Alex Finn

The moment is current is full of joy and happiness. If you are not careful, you do not see it. Tich Nhat Hanh The moments are translated into experiences, into memories and are a source of happiness.

In my experience as a person with visual impairment, I am happy today because I discovered that you do not need to see to have a vision of success. In the darkness of my environment I decided to shine, I have everything to succeed.

You can also be light in the dark despite the adversities you have a brain, a heart and a soul for success. Be happy, make others happy and you will change the world, find your happiness instants and take advantage of them

Rafael Flores

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