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INCREDIBLE look what the New York Times did against Uribe

This week the American newspaper The New York Times published a column of opinion, which states: “Long live Uribe!, live well away” express the article written by Sylvia Colombo, it’s suggests that former President Alvaro Uribe should send him to an embassy so far of Colombia as possible, to retire him or to take him away from social networks, according to his criteria he is not a democratic or reconciliatory leader.

“It will not be the first time that Colombia does what Alvaro Uribe Velez has, but it should be the last.” Uribe is the type of leader that could appear in the work of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a hard-boiled, enchanted man with authoritarian overtones. However, it is not a leader for Latin America: reconciliatory and democratic “Explains the articles.

Likewise, Colombo assures that the former president can not retire due to the hundreds of proceedings opened against him
“The retirement of the caudillo seems distant and perhaps the reason this in the two hundreds of open trials against him for alleged links to paramilitarism, insults and investigations into the scandal of the chuzadas, a series of illegal recordings to opposition leaders, journalists and magistrates, his ability to remain in power has protected him from the legal consequences against him “

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